What is Workday

Workday is a platform specialized in human capital management and financial management applications. It has been designed to fit all kinds of business sizes thanks to their various preconfigured deployment packages that easily adapt to everyone's needs.

Thanks to Workday, you will be able to make better decision-making about your financials, payroll, and people management, while your business grows in size.

Workday features

Need to learn more? Then have a look at some of their main features and see for yourself why many business from all over the world are already using this comprehensive tool:

  • Business planning: workday offers “Adaptive Insights”, that help you plan, execute, and analyze across the enterprise. It can help your company improve business collaboration with integrated workflow and process management.
  • Financial management: with workday you can simplify all financial management. Think of accounting, procurement, projects, reporting, and a comprehensive analytics tool under the same system.
  • Human capital management: With workday you can ensure you recruit, hire and retain the best talent in the workspace, thanks to the Workday Human Capital Management system.
  • Payroll: with all the information under the same roof, you are able to manage the payroll globally, and process it locally. A very convenient solution for companies with international presence.
  • Cloud platform: workday offers a unique cloud platform where they can create apps and tools especially designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • Analytics: transform all your business data into insights with just the click of a mouse.

How To Use Workday

Want to hear more about Workday and how to use it? Have a look at this Workday tutorial video for beginners and discover the wonders that this tool can do for you and your company.

Want to learn more? Start using Workday now or learn about other Employee Management Platforms and HR:

Tips & Tricks

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