The COVID-19 Outbreak has generated a huge impact in everyone's lives. Over the last few months, the virus has spread to more than 200 countries across the five continents claiming thousands of lives and changing the way of living and working that we considered as “normal” until now.

Social distancing, city lockdowns and the various restrictions and safety measures implemented by governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread of the pandemia has forced people from all over to world to adapt to a new lifestyle and social normality, and this has not been any different for businesses: many of them have been forced to change the way they work with both, their clients and their workers, and have been in need to adapt “working from home” policies. And this has been no different to architects and architectural firms.

Even if many architecture firms had already efficient tools for remote work in place, it is always good to be able to see what is out there and look for the best tools and tips for working remotely, since it looks that remote offices are here to stay (at least for a little while).

At Defind, we are also architects and we know that remote work is not always a walk in the park: there are many choices out there and some of them might not be the right choice for your business. This is why we want to help you make this transition a little bit easier by sharing with you our architect working from home toolkit, with a selection of the best tools available for working remotely at the moment. We’ve based our recommendations on what our team has been successfully using as well as in recommendations from colleagues and firms in the architecture industry. So we know what we are talking about!

If you are looking for the best tools these are our recommendations:

Communication and video conference tools for architects,

Construction Administration tools

If you are looking for a full working for home guide for architects, we have that too! In it you will find tips from how to properly set an office, recommendations to keep your efficiency levels up, or even how to take care of your mental and physical health while working remotely. Do you want to learn more? Have a look at Defind’s work from home guide for architects, and make the most of your time while