Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for IT professionals and MSPs who need a solution combining remote control, alerts monitoring, Windows updates, and remote command features. It provides top requested features at a low cost.

Splashtop Review

Splashtop provides highly targeted remote access solutions that come with their own specific features. However, there are a few global features that are worth mentioning. These include a simple interface and the ability to remotely access a client’s computer without them having to install any software.

At the same time, Splashtop enables you to access and manage unattended computers from any device with its intuitive app.  You can connect numerous unattended computers to ensure you always have access to important information.

Splashtop Business Install Steps

Tips & Tricks

How do I set up the computers that I want to access remotely?
On the computers that you’d like to connect to, the Splashtop Streamer must be installed. This can be done in 3 easy steps. Deploying Splashtop Streamer 1. Create a deployment package on my.splas...
Working Remotely: Splashtop Tips For Dual Monitors & Blurry Displays