What is Rise People

Rise People is an HR management tool that was born in Canada (just like Defind) that unifies in just one platform the three main pillars of people’s management: HR, Benefits and Payroll.

Having all these together allows you to focus on people rather than paperwork, creating a much nicer work environment and engage with your employees to bring your office culture to life.

Rise People features

Rise People allows your team to manage their own time, benefits, vacation schedule and sick leave. They are the world’s first software to combine people and culture into a very attractive user interface that creates an unique and pleasant experience for all team members using the platform.

Want to hear more? Let's explore a little bit further into their features:

  • HR: Rise people have created an amazing Human Resources Information System so easy to use, that empowers employees and managers to keep their own information up to date, so you have less things to worry about.
  • Benefits: salary changes? Healthcare? Special reward schemes? Don't worry, Rise People got you covered.
  • Payroll: Rise People has made payroll a piece of cake. Their software minimizes manual data entry, centralizes record keeping, and ensures greater accuracy.

How To Use Rise People

Curious about what the Rise People platform looks like and how to use it? We have just what you need. Have a look at this video and you’ll learn everything you need to know about this useful HR management tool.

Want to learn more? Start using Rise People now or learn about other Employee Management Platforms that can help boost your business productivity: