Procore manages your construction projects, resources and financials from project planning to closeout. The platform connects every project contributor to solutions built specifically for the industry- for the owner, for the general contractor and for the specialty contractor. Procore eliminates application silos, reduces double entry and gives everyone up-to-date accurate data. Procore's platform integrates with over 130 vendors, giving you the freedom to connect with whatever you use.

What Is Procore? Everything you Need to Know About the Technology

ProCore streamlines construction management in many ways, from easy document searches to automated delivery of documents and revisions to team members. ProCore's drawing tool gets top reviews from companies using the software. It's easy to use and efficient, thanks to ProCore's cloud-based platform.

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What Is Procore? Everything you Need to Know About the Technology
Construction companies can use ProCore to manage all phases and aspects of projects, but what is Procore? Find out with this article...
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Procore gets in the preconstruction game
Procore has linked the preconstruction process to construction management, giving contractors a valuable, more efficient flow of information.