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Mastering Figma Design Tool: Useful Tips and How-tos

Everyone who has worked with Google Docs knows how convenient it is — easy to edit, collaborate, and save your files on the web. What if web designers had the same tool for their projects? Well, they actually have one and it’s Figma. In this Figma review, we’ll guide you through the most shining features of the platform that make it the designers’ tool of choice.

Before we drift into the beauties of the Figma design tool, let’s have a look at what makes this platform so attractive for designers.

  • It’s web-based. Figma runs in your browser and you can work on your projects without having to save them as separate files to your computer — all edits are automatically saved to your cloud. But remember, you’ll need an active internet connection to save all the changes.
  • It allows teamwork. With Figma, you can have a team of two to an unlimited number of editors, all depending on your pricing plan. You’ll always be able to see how many team members are working on a single project and what changes they’re making.
  • It’s free for solo designers. All of the features are absolutely free to use without any trial periods.

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