What is Clockify?

This tracking solution is not only great, but also free. It is perfect for teams and freelancers, as it can help you to keep track of the time spent in different projects and clients.

Clockify is great to help you keep track of employee timesheets, track project progress, export weekly, monthly and even annual reports… but overall, to have a proper overview on how your team's time is spent and how to optimize it.

Clockify is available on web and mobile (supported by iOS and Android) as well as desktop (in Windows and Mac).

Clockify features

This time tracking solution is ideal for keeping track of what you're working on, as well as your team’s attendance and PTO and assigning your logs to relevant projects and clients. The tool and its reports are fully customizable so you can easily have at a glance all the information that is relevant for you and your business.

You can invite an unlimited number of users for free, manage the roles of each team member and even see how you are doing between your tracked vs. your estimated time. But there are many other features that your business could benefit from:

  • Time tracker: tracking time was never easier - just start the timer and start working!
  • Time sheets: easily save your week’s worked hours. It will take you less than a minute!
  • Projects: a great tool to track the status of your project in terms of time, rates, budget and resources available.
  • Dashboard: quick and clear overview on how time is used within your team members.
  • Report: export the data you need to know who is working on what, how much money you earn per project, how much time is invested in each project etc.
  • Team: you can easily invite your team to track their time and attendance to have an overview on how the team time is spent.

There also are  many other extra features that extend Clockify's core main functionalities, that are definitely worth exploring!

How To Use Clockify

Ready to learn how to track your time with Clockify and start optimizing your team’s productivity? This video will give you a quick and easy overview to get you started.

Want to learn more? Start using Clockify now or learn about other time tracking tools that can help boost your business productivity:

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The only truly free time tracker and timesheet app that lets teams track how much time they spend working on projects
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The only truly free time tracker and timesheet app that lets teams track how much time they spend working on projects