Cisco Spark is a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, whiteboard, and share, regardless of whether they're together or apart, and for companies of any size.

A Close Look: Review of Webex Teams in 2019

With a large focus being placed on the visual aspects of collaboration, Webex Teams takes the concept into a whole new direction, and includes a wide range of collaboration functions:

  • Chat – Group messaging, always-on persistent chat and customizable notifications to always stay connected
  • Meet – Anyone can start meetings anywhere and use some powerful collaboration tools like screen sharing and whiteboarding
  • Whiteboard – Visual collaboration on steroids with both virtual and physical digital whiteboards for real-time drawing, writing, document editing and more
  • Schedule – Effectively and simply manage and organize schedules for productive meetings. Integrates with existing calendar tools, as well
  • File – All your shared files are saved to the same space you work in with your team, files stay in the rooms they were shared in, and a powerful search makes it easy to find everything.

Cisco Webex TEAMS Training English

This training is meant to demonstrate an overview of the above application as a collaboration tool.

Tips & Tricks

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