Responsive graphic design application that can be used for UI projects.

Intro to Affinity Designer

By its functions, the program takes place between the Photoshop and the Illustrator so that it is cover the latter features while the image editing features from the former aren’t included. As you read previously, you can buy for the picture manipulation the Affinity Photo!

This app is absolutely an Adobe rival. It is a well-equipped, high-quality product. Of course, here we can also find some strange behavior at some point, but these also exist in other apps too.

The product price is ~$50 which is more than good.

Affinity Designer is an amazing vector design tool for Mac and windows. It's full-featured, powerful and friendly for beginners. In this design tutorial, I show you the 10 most common basic tasks you might want to accomplish inside Affinity Designer.

Tips & Tricks

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